Saturday, March 14, 2009


The flashback starts...I came from simple family and was born on 19th of October parents were abd malik and rosni..they really took care of myself..they gave me education sufficiently and i'm now studying in faris petra and i'm really grateful to have friends like them! :) when i was around 12,i studied at sk kamil 3 and that was the time of year that we all(my dad and my siblings) knew my mom had cancer-leukimia..that was the blood cancer...when the medical check-up was done,we realized that the amount of white blood cell in her body was 200/something,which can be assumed in a high what i remembered from the doctor,for normal amount is just around 11 to 15!if i'm not mistaken..the two other types of blood cells(R.B.C and platelets)cannot be reproduced themselves so that my mom had to attend to the hospital at least twice a week to add his blood manually from donaters!from that day,tears coming out of our eyes for days..unstoppable..feels like it was just a dream..seems like we are all cannot receive it at all but Allah have managed everything...jus 'tawakkal'...we as children those the closest to her need to be by her side in hospital....i was absent to school when that was my turn to accompany her...i can see sadness figured from her face out...what i like about her is she'll never cry for the disease...i'm really proud to have mom with full of patience...the most sad thing is the life spend for those who had cancer is 4months based on the theory...i don't rely sure wether it was still early for her to become well as usual or instead..she can't focus on her carrier as an excellent teacher in Kamil 3 to teach standard 6 students...she also needs to do chemotheraphy for 3months and this was the most difficult period for us to look after by day passed and her hair fell down and became thinner till the skin on her head can be seen,her face was dark as chemo burns it heart said "this is ugly,not my mom...oh no!"..i can't look at her face anymore or if not,i'll have tears!...i can imagine how she's in pain...poor my mom!i still remember the night we slept together after she's being discharged and i hugged her tightly that night...i was awakened when heard a bad cough from her...i saw blood on the tissue and really thought that it was rely bad but she was still confirming me that it was just normal and admiting she was ok..i called my dad and he drove us to HUSM...the doctor said her platelet is zero!!!for this time the platelets increase so slow and at a minimum rate...we just know what's happened but we didn't know why is it happened...the cancerous cells spread rapidly in her body and can't be controlled in time..the next day,she forgot anything..the words those came out from her mouth were just "Allahuakbar"...she can't remember anything,our names,where she was in and her own name..the doctor told us that she was in critical as the viruses attacked her brain...can't take quick treatment anymore but just waiting for her time!!!so sad to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!...later,she was in choma and we recited yasin!the veins clearly can be seen on her head to show how she hurts when the viruses ate the brain..i cried when i saw a single tear drops from her eyes...there,all of us fell asleep that night till around 3-4a.m,she breathed hardly and the pressure of hurt heart mentioned there sometimes increases highly and then decreases...the doctor came to control her over but lastly the result is she was GONE!!!!cannot imagine how's our feelings that time..cannot try to fell back the one knows except Ya alim.....what i can say now is i really miss you mom,really love you,crazy thinking about you,when will we meet again?...don't get worried mom..i'll always pray for you there,you're the best mom ever..........................................!(see you in Hereafter)


  1. Innalillahwainnalillahhiraajiuun....
    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  2. salam, omar
    ya Allah menitik air mata aku baca
    selama ni tak terbayang apa yang telah hadapi
    semoga Tuhan merahmati ur mother

  3. omar...
    aku syang ko mu..bez fren 4eva...aku paham prasaan mu gane..hum.aku pom kenal arwah semasa hayatnya dulu, sokmo mari kat skolah hari Jumaat, jupo ngn mu. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas arwah ibumu.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.InsyaAllah!Remember that u stil have ur family and I,our GK2A also...

  4. salam..
    erm, sabarlah dengan ujian ALLAH..
    semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..amin...

  5. i'll be there 4 u...alweyz if u ne3d me yup...

  6. the best son
    always pray for his mum...
    which is you...
    i know that you are going to some tough times
    and i know that you can pull through it
    just pray for your mum...
    remember that
    no matter how dark is your life...
    every cloud has a silver lining

  7. omar...
    i knew wats ur feelling...
    semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...AMIN
    juz keep patience k..
    life must b go on...
    i'm ready 2 gv some help if u hv any prblem..
    de best way u can do..
    pray n recite yassin to her...

  8. teacher rosni~
    t'egt plop zmn2 skolh dlu.,
    sedihnya,xsempat cium tgn teacher
    buat kali terakhir..teacher3,
    luv u so much teacher rosni~
    moga2 dicucuri rahmat sentiasa..
    xleh lupa memori bersama teacher..huhu

  9. Omar.. ini agak sedih laa... Jom tidor kat bilik aku malam ni..

  10. Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca.

  11. hai omar..apa khabar?? (tiru noor arif)

  12. al-fatihah.. semoga Allah tempatkan your mum di kalangan orang strong.. :')